Welcome to a fully-equipped meeting space, ideal for connecting yourevent to a broader audience.

Book the Boardroom at 100 Stone for:

  • Presentations
  • Interviews
  • Webinars
  • Client pitches
  • Training sessions

Technical and video equipment is available for your use, as well as the option for catering and coffee services, to ensure that you have everything you need for your meeting. Just show up and get started!

You must be a tenant of 100 Stone Road to book the boardroom.

Book the Boardroom

Rental is free up to 6 times per year. Beyond 6 bookings, the following rates apply:

$30.00 Half Day
$50.00 Full Day

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Room Details:

  • Capacity for 20 people
  • Large screen television
  • White boards
  • Supplies (i.e., magnets, dry erase markers)
  • Conference telephone
  • Audio equipment
  • Laptop connection chords

Boardroom FAQ

How to use the media centre

1. There are 4 cords that need to be plugged in the following configuration:

2. Turn on the TV using the small Samsung remote.

3. Connect the HDMI chord from the TV into your computer (DisplayPort and mini DisplayPort adapters available)

4. For sound, plug in the speaker chord to your computer.

5. Using the Samsung remote, select ‘Source’ on the TV.

6. Toggle over and select ‘HDMI 2’. Your computer will take a minute to display on the TV screen. If it does not work, re-secure the connection to your computer.

7. Turn on the speakers using the volume button.

8. To adjust the volume, use the large Rogers remote.

Air Conditioner

The air conditioning for this room is controlled by a remote control (on the east wall). Please feel free to adjust the temperature during your meeting/event.

Please remember to turn the air conditioner OFF before leaving the room.